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Dr Tracy Hickling (TCM) 

Appointments with

Dr Tracy Hickling

Please call:  ​0431 741 339

Dr Hickling (TCM) is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner, Naturopath, Remedial Therapist and Reflexologist. While Tracy’s clinical focus is on Classical Chinese Medicine, she draws upon her 28 years’ experience to best develop an individual clinical approach. Tracy has a particular interest in chronic or difficult to treat conditions and believes in the importance of developing good professional relationships with General Practitioners and other Medical specialists. This provides the best possible care while working from an eastern and western perspective, combining the latest science with ancient knowledge. Tracy is also a Qigong Master, and a Gongfu and Taiji black belt and instructor; having trained for over 20 years with 5 different Masters.


Clinic Treatment Modalities
 Acupuncture
 Herbal Medicine: Chinese and Naturopathic
 Gua sha
 Tuina
 Cupping
 Homoeopathy
 Diet: Chinese and Naturopathic
 Nutrition & Supplements
 Life-style
 Meditation techniques
 Exercise

“I believe an important factor for declining health in modern society is the loss of traditional knowledge that provides a framework for living a balanced life. Importantly, the inability to choose from the conflicting volume of health and lifestyle information inhibits individuals from making appropriate choices. I am passionate about helping people gain the knowledge that is required to make positive changes to physical, emotional, and or spiritual well-being. My approach is comprehensive, reviewing everything that has contributed in a negative or positive way to health and offering treatment and advice to make improvements. I believe it is important that individuals develop ‘self-sustaining lifestyles’, becoming less dependent on practitioners”.


Educational Institutions
 Southern School of Natural Therapies
 Australian College of TCM and Qigong
 Bachelor of Health Science & Diploma of Naturopathy
 Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy

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