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To achieve health & wellbeing, one cannot rely on medical treatment or medicine alone.  Your lifestyle, or way of life impacts on the level of health and wellbeing you can enjoy.  A healthy, balanced lifestyle is the key to avoiding preventable illness.

What you can do to improve and maintain health & wellbeing

There are 3 main things you can do in conjunction:
​1. Nourishment
Traditional Chinese Medicine takes the view that eating the right foods is as important as taking the right medicine.  You don't need to be too technical about it.  Keep it simple, eat balanced meals, a wide range of different produce that are in season, use cooking methods appropriate to the food and season, and enjoy what you eat.  TCM Doctors often complement treatments with dietary advice about which foods should be avoided or consumed.

2. Exercise
"Use it or lose it" - it's a universally understood concept.  In TCM, the approach to exercise is different to the common Western approach - we believe exercise is as much about the inside as it is about the outside.  In accordance with the TCM principle that a healthy level of Qi (life-force / bio-energy) is required in order to achieve good health, we prefer exercise systems that cultivate Qi and exercise the physical body.  Our answer to this is Qi Gong  & Tai Chi.  
Qi Gong is also known is 'Chi Kung', and is an exercise system which focuses on the cultivation of Qi.  Its roots in ancient Chinese culture date back more than 4,000 years ago.  The purpose for the cultivation of Qi depends on the individual practitioner and the type of Qi Gong exercise / forms practiced.  Most often, practitioners use Qi Gong to remedy illness, promote health and longevity, and increase internal strength for martial purposes.
Tai Chi is an exercise system which developed from Chinese martial arts.  It is often dubbed "moving meditation".  Tai Chi offers exceptional health benefits with minimal risk of injury.  For this reason it has become the exercise system of choice, recommended by an increasing number of health professionals.  Unlike some sports or exercises, Tai Chi is suitable for people of all ages and physical ability.

What's the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong?
Qi Gong is like medicine - it can be applied specifically for specific conditions.  For example, there are specific Qi Gong exercises for heart conditions, for cancer, for increasing internal martial strength etc.
Tai Chi is like a general tonic - it is a useful exercise system which when practiced regularly, provides a broad spectrum of health benefits.
Both Qi Gong and Tai Chi complement eachother beautifully, and their effectiveness have stood the test of time.  In fact, the two systems are often taught together for more powerful results. 

Chinese Healing Centre is associated with the​ Tai Chi Kung Fu Institute​, both of which are founded by TCM Dr Ming Shao.  We offer Tai Chi -Qi Gong classes at various locations across Victoria.  We also provide accredited courses​ to qualify fitness professionals to teach Tai Chi & Qi Gong to beginners.

3. Mentality

The 3 aspects of nourishment, exercise and mentality are closely linked, and by completing steps 1-2 (nourishment & exercise), you would have a good foundation for  maintaining a healthy mentality.  Of course, there are many factors in life which can influence our mentality - some factors are not controllable, some factors are.  By focusing and acting on our controllable aspects, we maximise our chances of overcoming life's challenges and importantly, enhance our ability to enjoy life. 



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