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Dr Zhao Ming Shao

PhD Medicine (TCM)

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Our Head Practitioner, Dr Shao, influenced by his family had studied at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and holds a PhD in Medicine (TCM). Dr Shao has over 30 years clinical experience in China and Australia, successfully treating thousands of patients.  We continue to get referrals from satisfied patients and even from other health professionals.  


Dr Shao is a specialist with a unique skill set and an esteemed reputation.  Formerly an accomplished professional KungFu-Wushu athlete in China, he began learning Qigong after suffering a severe back injury at the age of 15.  By the age of 21 after healing himself by Qigong, he had made a remarkable recovery and went on to win the National Championship title back to back in 1989 and 1990.  He progressed to immerse himself in Acupuncture clinical practice at Beijing Sport University, whilst also lecturing and authoring on the subject of “The Study of Tuina for Orthopaedics” 伤科推拿学.  


Having earned a solid reputation in Acupuncture, Orthopaedics, Qigong and the Martial Arts, he established a clinical practice and Chinese martial arts academy in Melbourne in 1996.  By 2019, he was awarded his PhD in Medicine (TCM) by the renowned Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  His practice has since evolved into a highly regarded specialist clinic, assisting patients from across Australia, and continues to receive referrals from other health practitioners.  Dr Shao is a gifted natural healer and treats patients with the attentiveness that a parent would extend to their own children.


Dr Shao specialises in the following:

  • Acupuncture

  • Navel Acupuncture

  • I-Ching Acupuncture

  • I-Ching Therapy (Ancient Wisdom)

  • Chi Medicine

  • Tuina (Therapeutic Massage)

  • Numerology Reading

  • Birth Chart Reading

  • Feng Shui Consulting

  • Tai Chi (currently an accredited assessor for Oz Tai Chi programs recognised by Fitness Australia, see full credentials here)

  • Qigong


Dr Shao has extensive experience in successfully treating a wide range of serious health conditions.  His patients come by word of mouth or referral, as he has helped thousands of people recover from life changing conditions without the need of drugs or surgery.  For a detailed list of conditions that can be treated, please see here.

Or feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your condition in further detail.

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